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Preparing for 2023 and what lies in store for Endpoint Security

A new year is almost upon us and as we look back on our accomplishments in 2022, we also look forward to helping our customers become more security resilient and be better prepared for 2023. As part of this forward-looking process, and with the help of Gartner Peer Insights, we surveyed 100 Security and IT professionals to understand their level of security maturity and obtain their perspective on the future.

The results of the survey, called “Gartner Peer Insights – Future of Endpoint Security” can be found here in Infographic form.

Key insights from the Survey:

  • Many organizations are employing EDR and XDR capabilities, but few have reached full maturity.
  • Organizations are looking for integrated platforms that support hybrid workforces while simplifying vendor management.
  • In anticipation of the ever-increasing threat landscape, organizations are looking to highly integrated and automated endpoint security solutions.
  • Organizations want future-proof endpoint security solutions that bolster their security resilience.

Insight Example

Regarding the first key insight, approximately two-thirds of the organizations surveyed have implemented EDR and XDR capabilities. These two capabilities are critical to detecting and eliminating threats, either before a breach has occurred or before a breach has had an opportunity to create damage.

Figure 1: Deployed endpoint security capabilities

Insight Example

Another key insight is related to endpoint vendor selection. In the survey, it’s noted that the top criterion organizations are looking for when selecting an endpoint security solution is the ability to support a hybrid workforce. This isn’t surprising given the events that have occurred over the last few years and the mix of remote workers expanding to working from home. Many organizations feel that the hybrid workforce is here to stay, in varying levels of remote workforce vs. on-premises workforce. The obvious implications directly related to the endpoint solutions are flexibility (e.g., deployment options), scalability, efficacy, resilience, and manageability, as a few examples.

Endpoint Security
Figure 2: Top Motivations when considering endpoint security


The survey infographic provides much more insights than these two examples. The good news is that Cisco Secure Endpoint meets the challenges ahead for 2023 and beyond. If you haven’t researched Secure Endpoint lately, go here to see What’s New.

To find out more insights from the 100 Security and IT professionals we surveyed, please read the “Gartner Peer Insights – Future of Endpoint Security” survey.

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