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What a year for Cisco Secure Network Analytics!

Over the past year, Network Detection and Response (NDR) has emerged as a critical component of a business’ security posture. Your network is growing both on-prem and in the cloud, mobile workers are more abundant than ever, and attackers are continuing to evolve and find new ways to threaten your business with attacks that can lead to critical data loss, misuse of resources and more. Needless to say, the threat landscape is more complex and more dangerous than ever; the only way to get end-to-end visibility and protection from breaches, even where some of your other perimeter and signature-based solutions cannot, is continuous network monitoring and behavioral threat detection with Cisco Secure Network Analytics.

Secure Network Analytics has established itself as the predominant NDR solution thanks to its alerting and threat detection richness, its incredible scalability, and its robust integrations and remediation capabilities. Secure Network Analytics received high praise from KuppingerCole in its NDR Leadership Compass 2020 report. The report had Cisco ranked as a leader in all four of KuppingerCole’s leadership categories: overall, product, innovation, and market leadership. Secure Network Analytics was also a representative vendor in the Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Network Detection and Response.

“Cisco’s Stealthwatch is a mature NDR with excellent interoperability with other security tools as well as good integration with other Cisco products (licensed separately). The solution is highly scalable and offers some of the highest throughput among the competition. Long default data retention periods increase the usefulness of the solution, particularly for customers facing APTs.”
– Kuppinger Cole, NDR Leadership Compass Report, 2020

Secure Network Analytics is a threat detection powerhouse that comes pre-built with hundreds of machine learning heuristics that model your network’s behavior to detect anomalies. It boasts advanced threat hunting capabilities, rich integrations to 3rd party solutions and Cisco SecureX, the industry’s broadest and most integrated security platform, and more.

So what sets Secure Network Analytics apart?

Secure Network Analytics ranks ahead of other NDR solutions due to a few key differentiators:

1. Our way of monitoring network behavior- dynamic entity modeling

Secure Network Analytics analyzes network connection metadata and performs protocol-level analysis using NetFlow telemetry. Through a process called dynamic entity modeling, Secure Network Analytics classifies all of your network devices into various roles and groups based on their behavior, and alerts on any anomalies.

2. Security for any environment

Secure Network Analytics has the highest throughput among competitors and is fully scalable to meet any business’ network needs. It can be delivered on-prem or as a SaaS, and also extends visibility into the public cloud with Secure Cloud Analytics.

3. Remediation and Cisco SecureX

Secure Network Analytics is integrated with a variety of collaboration tools and 3rd party solutions that make exporting findings, communicating alerts and other information to other tools much simpler for your security team. Now, with the SecureX platform, users can carry investigations further, pivot into other solutions, and remediate threats for good. Cisco’s security platform also includes SecureX threat response, which automates integrations and centralizes information across Cisco security tools to expedite incident investigations and remediations.

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