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Lower costs with Cloud-delivered Firewall Management Center

Security that is hard to deploy and complex to manage needs to become a distant memory if businesses are to be resilient through times of uncertainty. Even something as critical as a firewall, the sentinel in the security stack, can often require a lengthy setup, ongoing maintenance, and disjointed management. Over the long run, these additional costs accrue and can have a negative impact on security programs. When budgets are constrained, these effects can be exasperated and become a barrier to providing the level of security organizations need to protect the integrity of their business.

At Cisco we have a rich history overcoming this challenge with Cisco Secure Firewall. Forrester Consulting recently conducted an independent analysis of organizations using Secure Firewall. The study showed that customers realized a 195% in total ROI when managing their firewall fleet through Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center (FMC). Improvements to security workflows through the FMC, which include deploying, managing, and updating policy, were the largest contributing factor to the tune of $18.6 million in total benefits achieved. The Forrester study states that “organizations reduced network operation work streams by up to 95%. Thanks to the latest features of Cisco Secure Firewall and the ease of management via Firewall Management Center.”

We are not done. Today we boost productivity even further, with the new cloud-delivered version of FMC within the Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO) platform. This leap brings all the features from FMC into the cloud and consolidates firewall management. Organizations save time, increase security, and gain a positive ROI. With cloud-delivered FMC, manually managing updates is a thing of the past. An agile delivery of updates is built in to ensure uptime, so you can focus on your most important priorities — protecting the integrity of the business with increased firewall capabilities. The CDO platform unifies the lifecycle of policy management across multiple Cisco security solutions in our cloud. By bringing the FMC experience directly into CDO, end users enjoy the same look, functionality, and workflow as on-premises and virtual versions of Firewall Management Center. Without the usual learning curve within a new “experience,” migration to the cloud is simplified. Organizations can now propel cloud-first strategies and enable the rapid delivery of firewall services no matter where your network may roam.

“Moving FMC into CDO isn’t just about cost savings for today and powering security resilience with flexibility and choice. We are also putting a firm foot into the near future for SASE and achieving unified policy across the multienvironment IT.”– Justin Buchanan, Sr. Director Product Management, Cisco Secure

Traditionally, customers have deployed FMC as a physical or virtual appliance. Now in addition to cost savings, security resilience is driving an increased need for hybrid multicloud deployments. Leveraging public cloud infrastructures, organizations are becoming more cost efficient — cloud-delivered applications reduce change management and operational overhead. But they are also ensuring organizations have the agility required to deploy network security workloads where and how they want to remain agile and adapt to uncertainty.

Hybrid work and business continuity is made possible within the CDO platform. A cloud-based and centralized platform unifies firewall management across the Cisco Secure and Meraki portfolio and provides the foundation to unify policy across the distributed network all within a platform that is built to drive increased ROI and preserve the user experience. IT can control and manage firewall policy from anywhere along with a low-touch provisioning and onboarding process for branch and firewall deployments. The cloud-delivered FMC integrates with Cisco Secure Analytics & Logging, and, as a result, enhanced data retention and meeting stringent compliance requirements has never been easier. Whether you are part of a smaller organization or a larger enterprise, you control how many Cisco Secure Firewalls are managed through the cloud-delivered FMC, and easily scale that number. So, when it comes to simplicity at scale, CDO is your answer.

To learn more about Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center, visit our product page and read the entire Forrester report here.

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