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Tour the RSA Conference 2022 Security Operations Center

EXPOSURE: The Information We Divulge On A Public Wireless Network – The 3rd Annual* RSAC SOC Report

Register now for your free tour of the RSA Conference Security Operations Center (SOC), where engineers are monitoring all traffic on the Moscone Wireless Network for security threats. The SOC is sponsored by NetWitness and Cisco Secure.  

Sign up for a guided tour, where we’ll show real time traffic in NetWitness Platform, plus advanced malware analysis and threat intelligence from Cisco SecureX, Malware Analytics and Umbrella, and intrusion detection from Cisco Secure Firewall. 

At the SOC, you will receive a security briefing and have time for Q&A with NetWitness and Cisco engineers.  

Advanced registration is highly recommended. Below are the available tour times. Please fill out the RSAC SOC Tour Request Form to request your spot.  

SOC Tours Offered Tues-Thurs (7-9 June 2022): 

  • 10:30 am 
  • 1:00 pm 
  • 3:00 pm (not on Thursday) 
  • 4:30 pm (not on Thursday) 

Please meet at the Cisco SASE Village Booth #1027, South Hall at tour time, where a Cisco team member will escort the group to the SOC. 

Also, plan to attend the official out briefing on the observations for RSAC 2022: 

EXPOSURE: The 3rd Annual* RSAC SOC Report 

Date/Time/Location:  6/9/22, 1PM– 50 Minutes  

Abstract:  In this session we share our experience monitoring the RSAC network for stability, security, and stats of interest. We’ll talk about what changes we’ve seen over the years, informative and comical experiences from the trenches, and what we think it means for our industry going forward. So, if you’d like to see what a network looks like when its users know security, know its challenges, should know better, and choose to ignore all of that anyway; join us for the RSAC SOC report. 

You can obtain The 2nd Annual RSAC SOC Report here. 

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