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Simplify Security at the Virtual Edge with Cisco Secure Firewall and Network Edge from Equinix

Over the last few years, adoption of hybrid and multicloud environments has grown significantly because of the added benefits they provide organizations — including lower initial costs, simplified management, and time savings. As organizations continue to relocate more of their applications to hybrid and multicloud environments, complexity begins to increase, especially when these cloud strategies involve multiple cloud vendors. This added complexity becomes enemy number one to security, which is why Cisco is delivering on its multi-step vision of harmonizing security across hybrid and multicloud environments. At the core of our vision is Cisco Secure Firewall.

Cisco and Equinix® have partnered to accelerate and simplify security at the cloud edge. We are integrating industry-leading security controls and visibility of Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual with Network Edge services from Equinix, offering Cisco’s firewall capabilities in 24+ Equinix global locations. It is just one of the ways we are harmonizing security across hybrid and multicloud environments.

With the release of Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense 7.1, this integration enables deployment of Cisco firewalls between any corporate application and the public cloud. And with Network Edge, you will be able to deploy Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual within minutes, helping your organization minimize deployment time to production and speed up security deployments across strategic locations. Because there is no hardware, you can run our virtual firewall on top of Network Edge through the Equinix Fabric™ portal and enjoy security with no upfront CapEx costs or additions to your existing rack space real-estate.


Simplify security enforcement across hybrid and multicloud environments – Consistent security and visibility at the edge with stateful firewall inspection, IPS, URL filtering and malware defense.

Threat detection and prevention – World-class security controls with threat intelligence from one of the largest commercial threat intelligence teams, Cisco Talos.

Reduced deployment time – Near real-time deployment of Secure Firewall via Network Edge in 24+ Equinix global locations, through the Equinix Fabric™ portal or automated Equinix APIs.

Increased performance with lower latency – Reduce lag time without compromising security by inspecting traffic as close to the originating data source as possible.

Included Cisco SecureX XDR Platform – Cut investigation and response time up to 75% with Cisco’s open XDR platform. SecureX license entitlement is included with every purchase of Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual.

Use cases

With Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual on Network Edge, you will be able to:

Protect the network perimeter (north-south) by inserting Secure Firewall at the edge to inspect traffic flow as it enters and exits the network. Enjoy threat intelligence, powered by Cisco Talos, to block malicious IPs and domains. Deploy firewalls across your Network Edge virtual environment with low-touch provisioning and automation, and centrally manage them with consistent security policies.

Protect lateral movement (east-west) with industry-leading Snort 3 IPS to mitigate and prevent intrusion attempts across dynamic environments. With Malware Defense for Secure Firewall, you can block malicious file transfer across your Network Edge environment. Additionally, gain visibility about your users and applications and control access with zone-based firewalling.

Secure your hybrid workforce by only allowing authorized users on the network through identity-based access control. With Secure Firewall’s remote access VPN capabilities, you can securely connect your hybrid workforce to corporate resources.

Looking to deploy Cisco Secure Firewall on top of your Network Edge infrastructure? Log in to the Equinix Fabric™ portal or contact your Cisco sales representative for additional details.

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Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual

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