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Cisco Secure Firewall Garners a ‘Hat-Trick’

In case you’re not a sports fan, a hat-trick is a term for three goals by a player in one game. Interestingly, the phrase comes from cricket, and was first used when a bowler took three wickets from three consecutive balls. The team would present a bowler with a hat to celebrate the achievement.

Along similar lines, Cisco Secure Firewall celebrates three scores in 2021:

  1. Cisco was the only vendor recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the Best Practices Market Leadership Award for excellence in the network firewall market. This award recognizes Cisco’s leading market share in the global firewall market, driven by outstanding performance, products, and service. We’re honored to receive industry recognition for making security less complex, more agile, and better able to defend against today’s and tomorrow’s threats. Frost & Sullivan noted:

With multicloud adoption accelerating, and applications in hybrid environments here to stay, the complexity of managing security has never been greater. Cisco’s vision simplifies security by harmonizing network and application microsegmentation across on-premises and cloud environments with a cost-saving platform approach. Cisco Secure Firewall provides customers with comprehensive visibility and policy management, extending consistent threat detection and response throughout physical, virtual, and hybrid enterprise environments.

  1. Cisco Secure Firewall also received the 2021 Nutanix Technology Alliances New Partner of the Year Award. We’ve been recognized for our commitment to supporting the growing number of joint customers protecting Nutanix’s AHV with Cisco Secure Firewall. Whether you are using Nutanix, or Cisco’s own Hyperflex hyperconverged infrastructure, these integrations enables your organization to consistently protect and secure applications inside of your data center, public and private clouds. Additionally, you can enforce policies for safeguarding against East-West traffic intrusions.
  2. Earlier this year, SC Media named Cisco the “Best Security Company” as part of its 2021 SC Awards. The SC Awards are the “Academy Awards” of the cybersecurity industry, and I couldn’t be prouder of our company, and our amazing technology. Why the SC Award should matter to you is that you’re not only getting a firewall with leading threat defense, like Snort 3 IPS and, for when you’re not decrypting, superior visibility into encrypted traffic, but you’re receiving, at no additional cost, license entitlement to Cisco SecureX, our open XDR and orchestration platform that unites the Cisco Secure portfolio to deliver tremendous ROI.

Cisco delivers upon it’s differentiated vision:

With dynamic applications, multicloud microservices, and hybrid environments threatening to make security costs untenable, the need to wring complexity out of security has never been greater. Cisco is delivering upon its vision to do so. The new integration of Secure Firewall and Secure Workload is part of our reimagining security for application environments. A holistic approach that simplifies, brings clarity, and harmonizes network, workload, and application security is critical. We’re energized by this momentum as we continue our mission to empower the world to reach its full potential, securely.

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