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The freedom to choose with Cisco Secure Choice

When it comes to combo meals, there are two types of people in the world: those who order the meal set as intended – e.g. a burger with fries and a soda – and those who attempt to customize it – e.g. pickles on the side, switch out fries for onion rings, or upgrade soda to a milkshake. I hate to say it, but I am often the latter. The “Sorry, no substitutions” fine-printed on a menu is there for people like me. In my defense, I love the convenience and value of combo meals, but I wish I had more flexibility to choose in what’s included in these sets.

It’s not so different in the security world. You typically execute your security buying strategy in one of two ways – either buy “a la carte” from different vendors or commit to a fixed set of product suites in an enterprise agreement through a vendor with a high contract minimum, though it often comes with multi-product discounts and unlimited usage. This rigidity combined with the costliness doesn’t work for many organizations.

Unlike restaurant combo meals, can there be a happy medium – a third way to buy security? One where you can reap the benefits of an enterprise agreement but without feeling locked into an expensive contract that includes products and services you don’t need?

It’s a fair question. With this past year’s accelerated adoption of digital technologies and remote work, cyber threats are more prevalent than ever, and security has never been more critical. You need security that works together, is always on, and protects everywhere (across the network, cloud edge, applications, and endpoints) so your team can work anywhere. You also want security that is flexible and simple to consume, so you can turn it on fast. That means buying only what you need, and nothing more.

That’s where Cisco Secure Choice comes in. It’s not your run-of-the-mill enterprise agreement with a fixed set of products and a hefty price tag to match. Instead, Secure Choice gives you the flexibility to choose which security products – a minimum of two or more – to include in your agreement, and that’s all you pay for. And as your business grows, a 20% growth flexibility is built in. Best of all, as a Cisco Secure customer you’re entitled to the Cisco SecureX platform, so your security works together to radically reduce threat dwell time and human-powered tasks. Cisco Secure Choice is a financially compelling way to consume security, while SecureX helps you multiple the benefits sand capabilities of your investments with us.

The Cisco Secure portfolio makes security simple to choose and simple to use. And now with Secure Choice, it’s simple to buy. You’ll get the convenience of a single agreement and only pay for what you need, with instant cost savings and the freedom to grow. Get started today at Cisco.com/go/securechoice.

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