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A New Way of Firewalling with Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native

Application environments have become dynamic with the transition from monolithic to microservice and container-based architectures. This transition is fueled by demand for elastic, flexible, and scalable applications that meet rapidly changing business needs. With application environments becoming dynamic, there is a desperate need for security tooling, including firewalls, to do the same.

Secure Firewall Cloud Native is the latest addition to the Secure Firewall family, modernizing the way enterprises and service providers secure applications at scale. Whether on-premises or in public or private clouds, Secure Firewall Cloud Native empowers NetOps and SecOps teams to run at DevOps speed. And unlike traditional architectures with big iron or virtualized appliances that lack advanced session resiliency and simplified auto-scaling, Secure Firewall Cloud Native meets today’s needs.

Secure Firewall Cloud Native is a lightweight network firewall in a cloud-native form factor. Offering granular control and massive throughput potential, Secure Firewall Cloud Native enables security at the speed of business. The solution utilizes Kubernetes orchestration, a standard for cloud-native applications. It is cloud-managed, allowing you to streamline security policy and firewall management. Strengthening your security posture while reducing complexity and improving efficiency.

Agile and elastic security at your fingertips

Secure Firewall Cloud Native enables you to remain fast, flexible, and most importantly, secure with your application innovations and deployments in Kubernetes environments. Secure Firewall Cloud Native features:

  • Auto-scaling- Scale-up and scale-out security during times of fluctuating demand, providing elastic and agile security to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Auto-healing- Automated container health checks based on policies, replacing unhealthy or crashed containers with new ones. This ensures high availability and always-on security.
  • REST API support- Offers advanced integrations and programmability.
  • Smart load balancing- Automate horizontal scaling thresholds with custom metrics.

Resilient multitenant secure remote access

Looking to replace your rigid remote access infrastructure with a cloud-native one? How about implementing a resilient, multi-tenant remote access solution for your customers? With Secure Firewall Cloud Native, secure remote access can be deployed within minutes, offering a far more resilient and scalable VPN service. Multitenant remote access hosting capabilities are available on AWS at launch. On-premises, private cloud, and additional public cloud capabilities will be available soon.

Secure Firewall Cloud Native can process large volumes of traffic and linearly scale with ease to meet remote access demand in real-time. Whether you want your secure remote access to start with a small footprint and linearly scale as your organization grows, or satisfy seasonal business and scale based on demand, Secure Firewall Cloud Native offers you the flexibility to choose based on your organization’s needs.

Secure Firewall Cloud Native is available on Amazon Web Services at release and will roll out on additional platforms soon.

Contact your Cisco security sales representative to learn more about the Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native.

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