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Cisco wins SC Media Award for “Best Security Company”

SC Media has named Cisco the “Best Security Company” as part of its 2021 SC Awards. The SC Awards are the academy awards of the cybersecurity industry, and I couldn’t be prouder of this company, our Cisco Security team, and our amazing technology.

This accolade highlights Cisco’s vision of helping customers achieve simple and integrated security. It represents years of innovation and commitment to reinventing cybersecurity in order to keep pace with the increasing demands of digital transformation and ever-evolving attacks. I want to thank SC Media and their large panel of esteemed industry expert judges for this award. We’re honored to receive industry recognition for the hard work we’ve put in to make security less complex, more agile, and capable of defending against the threats of today and tomorrow.

As the largest enterprise cybersecurity company in the world, Cisco leads the way with solutions that are driving the industry in SASE, XDR, and Zero Trust. Integrating it all is Cisco SecureX, our integrated security platform that seamlessly brings together a wide variety of tools to cultivate greater simplicity, visibility, and efficiency across a customer’s security infrastructure. And it’s all backed by the world-class threat intelligence of Cisco Talos, keeping customers current with what’s now and what’s next on the threat horizon.

Security teams today are overburdened with too many disjointed point products to effectively detect and respond to threats. Solutions like SecureX help to streamline security so that potential risks can be more easily identified, investigated, and remediated before they turn into major issues. It’s this innovative approach that has helped Cisco Secure gain recognition from SC Media, one of the industry’s most respected media outlets.

Our efforts to support customers in the rapid and unprecedented transition to remote working was also cited as part of this recognition. At the start of the pandemic, we quickly took action to offer our customers extended free licenses and expanded usage counts for several key security technologies to help ease the migration to work-from-home environments. Those efforts culminated in our Cisco Secure Remote Worker solution as we continued to serve as a trusted partner to our customers during these challenging times.

Additional SC Awards

In addition to “Best Security Company,” Cisco has also won the SC Media award for “Best Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Security Solution,” based on our Cisco Umbrella cloud-based security. We have also been named “Best Network Access Control (NAC) Solution” for the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). On behalf of the entire Cisco Security team, we are encouraged by what these awards represent: an acknowledgment that Cisco is providing a diverse set of effective solutions that are solving security challenges for customers of all sizes, who have varying levels of resources and requirements.

We recognize that not all organizations are at the same place when it comes to security, cloud migration, and digitization, and we want them to be able to do security their way with Cisco. We aim to offer solutions that are comprehensive, scalable, and adaptable to meet customers where they are today, while also helping them prepare for the future. We’re energized by this momentum as we continue on our mission of empowering the world to reach its full potential, securely.

Learn more about the SC Awards and read this Q&A on transforming Security where Dr. Gee Rittenhouse highlights Cisco’s security solutions for a cloud-native, hybrid-work world.

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