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Cisco Secure Email: A Proven and Consistent Leader

As email borne threats continue to increase in volume and complexity, keeping email safe continues to be a top priority for security professionals. These varied and persistent threats include Business Email Compromise (BEC), ransomware, domain compromise, malware, phishing, spam and account takeovers. The damage they cause affects an organization’s bottom line and reputation.

So, it makes sense that there’s a growing interest in the evolution of email security; a comprehensive solution that provides the highest levels of security, unparalleled integration and the ability to greatly reduce complexity.

And according to the Radicati Secure Email Gateway Market Guide 2020, that’s where Cisco Secure Email stands out above the rest. Cisco Secure Email provides comprehensive protection for on-premises or cloud-based email by stopping phishing, spoofing, business email compromise, malware and other common cyber threats. It protects against malicious content, remediates attacks and prevents loss of sensitive information. What’s more, with our SecureX platform capabilities built-in to Secure Email, you get greater visibility and integration across the entire security portfolio.

Comprehensive threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, the largest non-governmental threat intelligence team in the world, is the foundation of our product and a key differentiator.

Multiple layers of protection mean threats are blocked faster. And real-time visibility into all email communications helps respond to incidents sooner. Cisco Secure Email provides the protections that ensure businesses function securely.

It’s those qualities that made Secure Email a leader for the 5th straight year in the Radicati Secure Email Gateway Market Quadrant.

The 2020 guide noted several key strengths that made Cisco a leader.

  • Cisco Secure Email leverages the threat detection capabilities of Talos, whose threat intelligence network gathers telemetry from the vast network of Cisco Security products.
  • Cisco Secure Email is integrated with the Cisco Secure Endpoint console and with Cisco SecureX. This provides customers with tight control, visibility and automation from the network perimeter to the endpoint.
  • Cisco Secure Email supports multi-layer defense capabilities that combine big data analytics harvested from signature-based analysis, reputation services, and behavioral analytics to deliver thorough risk analysis and low false positives.
  • All Cisco cloud deployments are dedicated buildouts (rather than multi-tenant offerings), which is often desirable for customers concerned about moving to cloud.
  • Cisco offers a Microsoft 365 bundle aimed at the needs of budget-conscious small and medium businesses. Cloud Mailbox [a part of the Secure Email suite] also provides simplicity and affordability aimed at the needs of SMBs.
  • Cisco has focused on product simplification, in recent years, to ease deployment complexity for customers across all sizes.

Radicati’s findings validate our ongoing effort to reduce the complexity of the security landscape by providing solutions that are easy to evaluate, use and buy for organizations of any size.

For those companies moving their email security to the cloud, Cisco Secure Email Cloud Gateway provides the secure and easy migration that alleviate concerns related to compliance and privacy and data loss. Our cloud native solution options include:

  • API first technology
  • data loss prevention
  • multi-tenant & single tenant architecture
  • the use of global data centers
  • ease of configuration
  • frequent product updates
  • encryption
  • support for hybrid deployment

Cloud Mailbox is an integrated cloud-native security solution for Microsoft 365 that focuses on simple deployment, easy attack remediation, superior visibility and best-in-class threat intelligence from Cisco Talos.

And seamless integrations and built-in capabilities with other Cisco Security products like SecureX ensure broad visibility, fast remediation and effective prevention training.

Start a free trial today to experience the features that define an email security leader.

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